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Sep 30, 2012 2:30am EDT
cities and others to help generate economic growth in those communities -- through the urban development action grant program. i don't mind those enterprise zones, let's try them, but not as a substitute for the others. certainly education and training is crucial. if these young americans don't have the skills that make them attractive to employees, they're not going to get jobs. the next thing is to try to get more entrepreneurship in business within the reach of minorities so that these businesses are located in the communities in which they're found. the other thing is, we need the business community as well as government heavily involved in these communities to try to get economic growth. there is no question that the poor are worse off. i think the president genuinely believes that they're better off. but the figures show that about 8 million more people are below the poverty line than 4 years ago. how you can cut school lunches, how you can cut student assistance, how you can cut housing, how you can cut disability benefits, how you can do all of these things and then the people re
Sep 29, 2012 8:30pm EDT
, the closing words are now yours. >> i want to thank the league of women voters and the city of louisville for hosting this evening's debate. i want to thank president reagan for agreeing to debate. he didn't have to, and he did, and we all appreciate it. favoritedent's question is, are you better off? well, if you're wealthy, you're better off. you'rere middle income, about where you were. and if you're modest income, you're worse off. that's what the economists tell us. but is that really the question that should be asked? isn't the real question is will we be better off? will our children be better off? are we building the future that this nation needs? i believe that if we ask those questions that bear on our future, not just congratulate ourselves but challenge us to solve those problems, you'll see that we need new leadership. are we better of with this arms race? will we be better off if we start this star wars escalation into the heavens? are we better off when we deemphasize our values in human rights? are we better off when we load our children with this fantastic debt
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2